Berjaya Hills: Christmas Getaway Pt 2

On Christmas day itself, Alvin and I drove around Berjaya Hills, the complex where the hotel we were staying in – Colmar Tropicale – was located.

I love, love, love the weather in Berjaya Hills! A bit cloudy with just the right amount of chill. Enough for a light jacket or a bit of layering right in the middle of December. And with that kind of weather, it’s so much fun to do some walking/exploring (as opposed to the extremely humid weather in the tropics paired with extra bright sunlight).

We took the car instead of opting for the transport the complex provides as they come in different intervals and will surely take much of our time. We also noticed that the lines waiting for them were pretty long. Holiday = More people.

Japanese Garden

When Alvin told me that we can actually participate in a Japanese tea ceremony near the hotel, I was over the moon. I’m crazy over Japanese history and culture so it was only natural for us to give it a go. 😀

Colmar Tropicale, Hotel, Bukit Tinggi, Berjaya Hills, Japanese Village

Before all that, #OOTD! 🙂 Jacket is from Balmain (a gift), white cami from Forever 21, jeans from Next Jeans (Brand in the Philippines for teens – yes, I can shop still in teens and kids’ sections. Haha!), and sandals from Forever 21. 🙂

The garden was stunning. Not perfectly manicured but that’s what makes it seem natural – real.

Colmar Tropicale, Hotel, Bukit Tinggi, Berjaya Hills, Japanese Garden

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Colmar Tropicale: Christmas Getaway Pt. 1

For Christmas, Alvin and I took a short drive outside the city to a place called Bukit Tinggi in Pahang, Malaysia. It’s a place en route to the Genting Highlands and is known for a couple of hotels and family-friendly attractions. We stayed there for two nights – one of which was Christmas Eve. We stayed in Colmar Tropicale, a French themed resort-hotel and explored other attractions in the area during our short trip.

Our trip to Colmar Tropicale was the result of my husband’s tireless research for places near the city where we can spend Christmas eve as it was our first away from family and friends. He was able to book the place long before invitations from our friends here in KL to join their families on Christmas Eve. So sweet of them! So we promised them we’ll come join them next year. 🙂

The drive took about an hour from KLCC. It is quite easy to get to with the help of our car’s GPS and Waze. Getting there is also far from boring as the drive can be quite scenic with lots of mountains and lush greenery.

Colmar Tropicale, Hotel, Bukit Tinggi, Berjaya Hills, French Village

French-themed resort hotel

Located 2,700 feet above sea level and surrounded by acres and acres of trees, the place is definitely cooler than KL and its surrounding areas. At night, it can even be chilly enough for a sweater or a light jacket.

The hotel’s complex is a replica of Colmar, a 16th-century town in France preserved to look the same up to this day. It’s not a perfect replica, of course. But stepping into Colmar Tropicale does feel like going back in time to a small European village where a Disney princess is expected to just come out and belt out a song at any time of day.

Colmar Tropicale, Hotel, Bukit Tinggi, Berjaya Hills, French Village

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