Skin & Hair Care: Tansan Magic’s Soda Spa Foam and Sparkling Gelee (Review + Contest)


As somebody who often writes about beauty, I get approached to try out new products quite often. To be honest, nothing much surprises or even piques my interest these days as things tend to get a bit repetitive in the beauty scene.

There, I said it.

Quite a number of times, I’ve encountered products that seem promising but end up being gimmicky – much to my disappointment. So I end up not writing about them because they’re just a waste of time and effort.

Recently, however, I got to know of Japanese beauty company Tansan Magic. At first, I was quite reluctant due to my said experience with some gimmicky products these past few months that left me in a beauty rut. But knowing that the Japanese do beauty products  and treatments really well, I thought of giving it a go.

I was sent the Soda Spa Foam and the Sparkling Gelee – two products that you can use both on your skin and hair to make them squeaky clean and hydrated. Just two of the things I truly need on a daily basis.

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Beauty + Hair: Drying Natural Curls without Losing Volume

Back with a new hair video! So excited to share this with you guys. 🙂 A lot of my friends use to see me often out and about with wet hair because drying takes over three hours! Who has time to wait around at home, right?

I’m sharing my quick dry process to you guys today. It takes 15 minutes tops and I’m still able to retain volume throughout the day.

The Philips Thermoprotect Ionic Hair Dryer is available in Malaysia. Check out the Philips Malaysia website for more information.

More later.



*Hairdryer sponsored by Philips Malaysia

Hair: 3 Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Any Event

I get asked a lot how I do my hair. I’m also often told that my updos and hairstyles look as if they’re done by someone from a salon or that I spend so much time doing my hair.

Truth is, my hairstyles are really not complicated. They usually take just a couple of minutes to do and only require minimal effort. I swear.

It took years of practice and getting to know my hair’s texture to be able to whip something up real quick. Especially on days when my curls are just not going the right way or when my husband tells me that I have to accompany him to an important dinner in 15 minutes. #TrueStory

So let me share with you the easiest styles in my hair repertoire. For those who’ve been asking about my braids, you’ll have to subscribe and wait for the next video. 😉


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Beauty + Review: Let’s Talk Hair Removal – Sumuzu Treatment

**TMI Post. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Also, no prudes please.**

Unwanted body hair has always been the bane of my existence. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But really, unwanted hair removal is something that I’ve dabbled with for years.

Being half-European and half-Asian, I was born with crazy hair growth rates. I came out with a full head of hair and through the years, I realised that it only takes literally months for me to go from having a bob to medium-length hair. I grew my bob into waist-length hair in less than a year, I tell you.

And while I’m happy with the close to bionic hair growth rate I have for my head, I would have to admit that body hair wise, it’s the same. And it’s not as fun.

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Beauty + Video: Empties (March 2016)

Hello my loves!

Just thought I’d do a quick post and video on some of the products that are so good – I’ve used them all up! 😉 Product list can be found after the jump!

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Beauty + Hair: EVO Fabuloso Pro Hair Colour

Right before 2015 ended, I updated my hair colour and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments for it. Along with the compliments came the questions and inquiries so what better way to address all of that than via a short blog post? 😉

I should have posted this earlier since I did the treatment before the new year. However, time and commitments got the best of me yet again. *excuses*

As most of you might know by now, I decided to take the plunge last May and get my full head of hair coloured. Prior to that, I only experimented with my fringe back in my university days where I went from blue to pink to purple.

The change last May was pretty drastic since I went from dark brown to bronde. It was a big change yet I loved it! Here’s a little throwback:

Bronde, Hair Colour, Andy Ho,

I had a great run with my bronde hair and the honey-toned highlights that accentuated my curls like no other.

However, we all know that at some point, you have to update your colour as regrowth can get the best of you. Andy Ho did a great job on my first colour and it took months before my regrowth became noticeable. I loved how my hair was so low maintenance especially during our Europe trip last August. It looked great without having to put too much effort.

For our trip to Japan for New Year’s, I wanted something a little bit more cool-toned to go with current temperatures in Tokyo and Nikko so when EVO invited my friend Samia and I for a hair colouring session, I just couldn’t resist.

Before I get into detail about the colour and the procedure, let me just show you the ‘before’ photo of my hair:

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Hair care, styling, & colour brand Evo launches in Malaysia + Review on Day of Grace & Salty Dog

So this is a post long overdue. I have no excuse other than being a busy “diplowife” these past few weeks. My schedule is hardly manageable and my husband can attest to that. I shall write about what’s been happening lately in detail but before that, allow me to dedicate this post to  a hair care and colour brand that recently made its way to the Malaysian market.

Australia’s Evo has piqued my interest during their launch due to three things:

  1. Packaging

I have a thing for great packaging. While I tend to shy away from the cutesy (unless it’s a really good product) and prefer clean, classy, and smart ones.

Evo, Evo Haircare, Evo Hair Products, Evo Hair Colour, Evo Hair Treatment, Beauty, Hair Care, Malaysia

Evo, Evo Haircare, Evo Hair Products, Evo Hair Colour, Evo Hair Treatment, Beauty, Hair Care, Malaysia

I instantly fell in love with the clean white packaging, the witty product names, as well as the product descriptions that make you smile – not in a cheesy way. They are straight to the point but don’t fall short at all when it comes to humour.

They are also made from recycled materials so this brand gets another point for loving the environment. 😉

Evo, Evo Haircare, Evo Hair Products, Evo Hair Colour, Evo Hair Treatment, Beauty, Hair Care, Malaysia

Hmm. “Twisted for life”? I think the curl range would suit me well.

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