Beauty + Makeup: Lazy Girl’s Summer Makeup Routine (No Brushes!)

I love having summer all-year round and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. However, I have to admit that once summer reaches its peak here in the tropics, it can be a tad too much for me. I find myself wanting to crawl inside an igloo.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you guys my lazy makeup routine that’s so easy, you won’t even need brushes. Product list can be found after the jump. Enjoy!

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Jewellery: The Allove Diamond


Marilyn Monroe once said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I’m not that shallow but I will have to admit that they are pretty and an un-boring investment to boot. 😉

I was recently invited to the launch of SK Jewellery’s new diamond. Aptly called Allove, what makes this 81-facet rock unique is the perfect pattern of 10 hearts and 10 arrows on it.


Allove vs Ordinary Diamond

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Foodie Adventures: Mad House KL (Drinks, Chow, Shisha)

Kuala Lumpur is peppered with amazing places to get a good drink and hang out with your friends. Options are way too many and I often find myself in a new place with friends enjoying food as well as a good drink or two.

One of my best friends here in KL, Samia, moved to Canada last month. But before she left, I tagged along with her to a new bar and shisha place in Cheras.

Madhouse KL is located just a stone’s throw away from the new IKEA in Cheras. It attracts mainly a local crowd as this area of the city is not really on the touristy side. Although it’s a place that has lots of restaurants and bars.

Madhouse, Madhouse KL, Sheesha, Shisha, Hookah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Drinking Place, Bar, Sports Bar,


Chairs that light up with different colours give the whole place a fun and eclectic vibe. Going up the stairs, you’ll also see beer pong tables, digital dart games, as well as pool tables. A humungous foosball set is also being built.

There’s loud music, something that I prefer not to have when I’m with my friends so we can talk more and I can enjoy my drink in peace. Man, I really am getting old. However, there’s something in Madhouse KL that will make people want to come back. Even if like me, you’re no longer into the whole noisy, party environment.

Madhouse, Madhouse KL, Sheesha, Shisha, Hookah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Drinking Place, Bar, Sports Bar,

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Beauty: Products to Watch Out for when Mamonde Comes to Malaysia in August!

Mamonde, Korean, Korean Beauty, Kbeauty, Korean Beauty Products, BB Cushion, Face Mask, First Energy Essence, First Energy Serum, Makeup, Beauty, Skin Care

I have to admit that I’ve become quite bored with a lot of blogging events and found myself not in the mood to attend. Mainly because I’m quite busy with so many things and when I find myself having free time, my lazy butt just refused to leave the comforts of our home. If it’s not something that would really pique my interest, I’ve been saying no.

Mamonde coming to Malaysia is something that fell into the category that piques my interest so off I went to Damansara on a weekend which is usually reserved for errands and dates with the husband. “It will only last for 2-3 hours, I promise!” was what I told Alvin that day.

Mamonde, Korean, Korean Beauty, Kbeauty, Korean Beauty Products, BB Cushion, Face Mask, First Energy Essence, First Energy Serum, Makeup, Beauty, Skin Care

I’m glad I went as I wasn’t disappointed. The event was well-thought off and the products got me really excited! But first, the basics!

Is it just another Korean Beauty Brand?

Mamonde (French word for ‘My World’) is yes, a Korean beauty brand. It’s also under Amore Pacific, Korea’s biggest cosmetics company that also owns Sulwhasoo, Laneige, and Innisfree among others. But what sets Mamonde apart is its use of flowers as the (only) key ingredients for its comprehensive skin care range. They also have makeup but we’ll get to that later.

Amore Pacific’s Research Institute experimented on flowers has been extracting nourishing ingredients that are good for our skin and bottling them up into products. Thus, the brand’s tagline – Inspired by flowers.

Shall we move on to the exciting bit? The products you should check out when they come to Malaysia? 😉

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Beauty + Video: Fun Korean Products for the ‘Time of the Month’ (TMI)

The most awkward video I have filmed so far. I guess it shows with how my voice was a couple of decibels higher (than the usual) throughout the video. 😉

Scroll down after the video for the list of products I mentioned and a discount code in Althea where you can get all these products. 🙂

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Beauty + Fashion: Dressing up and getting ready for National Day 2016 (Without Breaking the Bank)

Ah, National Day. Usually the biggest event an Embassy or a Consulate will host for the year. It’s something that a lot of people either enjoy or stress over – depending on your role for that night.

As a diplomatic reporter and later on as a diplomat’s wife, I’ve been attending a whole lot of National Day celebrations and Embassy events from Manila to KL. Too many for me to count at this point – to think I’ve only been in the diplomatic circle for 5 years. (Diplomatic life does mean events left and right)

Such events are usually a good opportunity for a country to share something from home – their food, culture, history, the talent of their people. For us Filipinos, there’s usually a part of the program dedicated to how talented Filipino performers are.

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One thing I love about attending diplomatic events is the dressing up that it comes with. I happen to love wearing Filipiniana – all forms of it. From the well-known Terno and Maria Clara down to the clothes worn by the different tribes all over the Philippines. However, one thing about National Dresses/Outfits is that they can cost quite a bit. I’ve had one too many fellow diplowives telling me that dressing up for National means parting with a hefty amount. The fact that it happens annually means you also have a repetitive (big) expense.

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