The First of Many


Why hello there. 

This blog which has been existing for quite a few years now was happily rotting away with thoughts of my 18 year old self. I decided it was time to do some spring cleaning and revive this blog – from scratch, however.

It’s 2014 and so much has changed. I believe that the past two years were the most life-changing for me. I even got married in October 2013 and it feels like I, together with my husband, are re-starting our whole lives. This time, with each other. It’s the start of a beautiful adventure. So I guess now’s the time to start anew and create something that should be more mature and lasting. Something that will be there as we move around different cities at one point in our lives. But that will come a bit later. 

Here’s to a wonderful year (and many many more) ahead. I’m excited.